Nicole Morrison

Oola life coach/ambassador, energy practitioner,  changemaker

Helping You Design a Life of Growth, Balance & Purpose

Personal or Group Coaching

When you team up with Nicole, a Certified Oola Life Coach, you’ll work weekly with an expert advisor who can help you turn your dreams into achievable goals – then support you in pursuing those goals with enthusiasm. Together, you’ll focus on ways to reach your career ambitions, personal goals and lifestyle objectives. Nicole will share ideas, unlock new paths, and celebrate your wins. But most importantly, she will hold you accountable for making progress in every area of your life.

Energy Work

Do you ever feel like things  just don’t feel right? Have you been addressing an issue for an extended period of time and feel like you haven’t made any progress?  These issues could actually be caused by blocked energy and there is a system that helps release that energy.  That program is called Trailblazing Communications!

Goal Setting

 We will work on setting SMART goals in the 7 key areas of life


Energy Clearing

Are you experiencing energetic barriers that are making you feel stuck in undesirable situations?  


Looking to invest in your employees or members? Want to do something different and more meaningful for girls night out? The one Nicole’s workshops may be exactly what you are searching for.


Interested in becoming an Oola Ambassador, Certified Oola Life Coach, or a Trailblazing Communications Energy Practicioner? Nicole can guide you through the process. 

How Can Nicole Help Me?

Your dedication to make yourself a better person allows Nicole to unlock her skills to help you achieve your biggest goals. She’s equal parts motivator and taskmaster & a proud  multi-business entrepreneur, a personal development addict, & lover of anyone working toward their maximum potential. 

Nicole believes the struggles that She’s worked to overcome can help others, and her success is a direct reflection of the life she lives. 

As one of her energy transformation clients shared, “Anyone choosing Nicole to be their personal coach will find it’s going to be hard not to win!”

Who Is Nicole Morrison Strategies?

If you’re looking for a way to create momentum & enthusiasm to build an Oola Life, She is here to help!

Nicole Morrison Strategies / Maximum Potential, LLC is a catalyst for small businesses, non-profits and individuals through high impact coaching, projects,  & energy work.

As a Certified Oola Life Coach & Founding Oola Ambassador, Nicole is committed to helping positively impact 1 billion lives in the next seven years by committing to disrupt the mind and body wellness arena with programs and products to help people live a life of growth, balance and purpose.

What is the Oola Lifestyle System like?

Oola is the only lifestyle framework that combines an eLearning platform with a support system that encourages community and accountability. Oola is designed for people who want real results in their pursuit of balance, growth and purpose during these unbalanced times.

1. Design my life blueprint

A proven lifestyle design program will help you set your extraordinary new life in mostion. This workshop or self-paced in depth assesment identifies how you roll, where your blockers are, and what your F goals look like. What’s an F goal? Join my nest workshop to find out!  

2. Breakthrough Experiences

Once you’ve created your Blueprint, the e-learning platform will unlock your My Breakthrough Experience to help you work toward your F goals on a daily basis and hold you accountable to them!

3. Personalized Path

Once you have broken through those roadblocks that have held you back in the past, you will unlock My Personalized Path to bring you focus on a monthly basis. As you move through the lifestyle system you’ll go further based on your review, revisions and reaffirmations of what you want in your life.

4. Make a commitment

Decide to do this for yourself and then invite your friends and family to walk through their own Oola life using to find balance and grow with purpose.

5. Live Your Oola Life

We exist to make the world better by providing a lifestyle framework to help you create a life of balance, growth and purpose. If you believe in the value of personal development and are open to the opportunity that life presents, this lifestyle system can be at the foundation of your happiness and your revenue. 

Join Me in Introducing Oola Lifestyle! 

Programs and Products Available For You to help create a life of Balance, Growth and Purpose

green gap

Green Gap

the Oola Green Gap program is specifically created to bring balance to your personal finances. You’ll develop a path to financial well-being that’s simple, effective and achievable. Plus, with the Oola Green Gap, it's not only just about ridding your life of debt and investing for your future, but having fun along the way is built right in.


oola optionsOola Lifestyle Framework System

lifestyle Framework
and a world of support

Countless success stories of real people around the globe confirm that the simple, practical, easy-to-implement Oola Lifestyle Framework works to help people get healthy, eliminate debt, build wealth, move into their dream career, have more fun, create a better circle of friends, resolve lifelong family conflict, find their ultimate life purpose and so much more.


oola body by design

Oola Body by Design

What you get: A Mindset Shift

The way we look at health and nutrition is broken. We think we have to starve to lose body fat or eat horrible tasting foods to be healthy. We believe lifting weights will make us bulky and slow and that the treadmill is the only way to stay lean. All of this is not only wrong; it is exactly the opposite. 

 Before your Start Day, Coach Krystal will help change your habits and your mindset around health, nutrition, and exercise with 5 modules of training based on the 70-20-10 Method. This will be a forever game changer for you and your wellness journey. 


Miracle Mindset

Miracle Mindset

You may feel like most days you are just going through the motions. Perhaps you feel overwhelmed, stressed or like you are carrying the weight of the world? Or maybe you are excelling in one or two areas of life, but feel like you just cannot get ahead in another area? The Miracle Mindset will customize your current experience and provide you specific miracle lessons and “unlockers” to help you experience miracle shifts that specifically apply to your current lifestyle.


Smart energy shotsSmart Energy Shot (10 pk)

The Oola Shot delivers an all-natural brain and body boost to help you stay clear and focused. This proprietary formula is the balanced blend of nutrients your body and brain need to work towards crushing your goals. It’s not just energy – it’s Smart Energy!

What it does

  • Provides a natural and jitter-free boost for your brain and body
  • Supports focus and mental clarity towards your action steps and goals
  • Promotes Nitric oxide production for overall health and wellness


How it works

  • The combination of green tea extract and coffee cherry extract helps boost metabolism and support balanced energy
  • Packed with a 1000 mg of Red Beet Extract to stimulate Nitric Oxide Production
  • Taurine and B-Complex support healthy cognitive function and energy levels

$39.95 – $45.95

Rise Gummies


RISE is a multi-benefit thermogenic gummy formulated with nootropics and adaptogens to provide you with the perfect kick of energy to start your day and take action steps towards your goals, all while boosting your natural metabolic engine.

What it does

  • Proprietary thermogenic blend specifically formulated to wake up your natural metabolic engine.
  • Supports heart, brain, and muscle function for overall health and wellness*
  • Natural polyphenols aid in cell protection and energy production*


How it works

  • Packed with 30mg of Garcinia Cambogia Extract – a tropical fruit used for generations to support lean body mass*
  • Expertly blended with 150mg of Green Coffee Bean Extract and 10mg of caffeine to provide the boost your body needs to pursue the life you dream of and deserve.
  • Purposefully formulated with 10mg of L-Carnitine Tartrate to support heart, brain, and muscle function*

$29.95 – $34.95

    rest gummies


    Got goals? Rest and recovery are the key to performing at your best. REST is a proprietary blend of powerful nootropics and adaptogens specifically formulated to calm the mind, relax the body, and promote the deep restorative sleep your body craves.


    What it does

    • Helps with stress relief by calming the mind.
    • Encourages calmness and clarity.
    • Promotes restorative sleep and healthy sleep cycles.


    How it works

    • Melatonin supports sleep cycles and the body’s natural circadian rhythms assisting nightly restoration efforts.
    • Supports healthy nerve activity in the brain with GABA, L-Tryptophan, L-Theanine, and Ashwagandha.
    • Proprietary blend assists healthy brain physiology in order to promote a sense of calm.

    $29.95 -$34.95

    23 Strong23 Strong (Mental Toughness Challenge course launching 11/7/22

    Lead by the Iron Cowboy 


    Oola Mind and Body Lab

    More Programs and Products are always under development in our multimillion dollar Mind and Body Lab, where we demonstrate our commitment to the formulation of quality proprietary products to specifically support your mind and body as you create the life of your dreams!

    What does this mean? It means that we have made a crystal clear commitment to providing the programs and products to help you, and everyone you love, create a life of balance, growth, and purpose.

    What started with programs and the life-changing Oola Lifestyle Framework, now has expanded to a science-based nutritional product line specializing in nootropics (for the MIND) and adaptogens (for the BODY).

    About Nicole

    I am a “go-giver” – I get things done, and make things happen by helping others through creative thinking, sharing knowledge, generosity, and kindness.

    I love being a life-long-learner continuously working on a never ending research project. My personal mission statement: “I live to be inspired, and to inspire”, and my favorite quote that I live by “Do what you love in service of those who love what you do.”

    Specialties: Networking, sales, marketing, customer service, speaking, leading, coaching, teaching, consulting, recruiting, mentoring. Making things HAPPEN!


    “Our speakers included Nicole Morrison, who taught us how to “Build Our Own Ladder of Success.” She taught us nine different steps that will help us climb our own ladder of success, no matter what industry or job position you are in. She focused on identifying our goals, taking a look at our individual strengths and weaknesses, and how to effectively market ourselves and our potential. She had great enthusiasm and really made us excited to work harder at heading up that ladder of success.  Nicole Morrison also gave us a presentation entitled “PEARL”, where each letter stood for a key to happiness and success both in our professional and personal lives.  She also provided us with a “To-Do List” of things to read and movies to watch and invited us to share our own experiences with different books and movies that have inspired or affected us.”   ~ ND Society of CPA’s



    “Nicole is a stress saver! I came to Nicole with some major life decisions that I had to make in a very short amount of time. I was so stressed out over making the best decision I was in tears and in a state of panic. Nicole calmly tapped into my energy and gave me clear and concise answers as to how the two options would impact my life with family, financially, spiritually, and mentally. She kept a neutral perspective, just gave me the clarity and information I needed to feel good about the decision I was making. I could not recommend her services enough. Thank you so much Nicole! You are a true light!”


    “My word for this year is “Renewal’. I just felt in my heart that I wasn’t being the best version of myself. I set the intention for this year to be more present in the moment and to restore balance back into my life. Not even two weeks into setting those intentions an opportunity was placed before me. Fast forward a few months and I have just completed the Oola Life Coaching program with Nicole! It was very eye opening to look deeply into 7 areas of my life and then set goals for those areas. Nicole was a great support to find out where I needed change and how to make that change. She gave me tools and strategies to find balance in my life and helped develop a plan so I can stick with it. If you feel like you need some ‘Renewal’ in your life, get started with Nicole!”


    “This workshop was so good.  I can feel myself as a braver person already. It made me feel more confident and eager to fight for my dreams.”

    Don’t Wait Any Longer. Let me help you bring balance to your life today!

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