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Ready to Level Up Your Career?

Hello Future Oola Coach

What could you being doing as an Oola Life Coach?

For starters, you can use your customized link to send prospective coaching clients to where Oola’s professional marketing content will sell them a 10-week coaching program on your behalf.

They’ll get weekly tutorials from Oola—plus, more importantly—they’ll get YOU as a dedicated Coach tasked with keeping them focused and accountable to making progress on their goals!

Once a client’s program is nearing completion, you can sell them future packaged Oola coaching programs or sell your own individual, free-form coaching sessions. You earn substantial fees on the 10-week Oola coaching program, plus you can charge whatever you wish on coaching hours of your own—keeping 100% of your hourly rate.

You can also use Oola’s professionally designed materials—PowerPoint slides, video modules, handouts and scripts—to deliver powerful keynote speeches, lead public workshops, or hold small-group meetups at the office, church, or in your local city…wherever you see a need—online and in-person.

Charge for these information-packed speaking engagements—or speak for free as a way to sign up new coaching clients for your growing practice.

Oola will even give you the tools you need to hold half-day workshops or online workshop series for specific populations such as women, Christians, executives, or people in transition—either as a bold, new career move or nice side hustle.

Of course, you could use the proven Oola coaching techniques to grow, motivate and create long-term loyalty in a network marketing or direct-selling downline—building people from the ground up. Keep your team focused and productive, then watch them reach the tipping point—while your personal earnings soar.

Or how about using the Oola lifestyle strategies to hold online events and build an influencer following (hint: Oola will give you powerful social media tools to market your coaching practice!)

And if you’re already delivering other training modalities—such as yoga, Reiki or 12-Step—you can easily overlay the Oola formula onto your existing topics…giving people a total road map for success.

Finally, some of Oola’s more adventurous fans have informally used the Oola guidelines to become professional trainers in the corporate world, women’s market, and social services arena—traveling, training and transforming people around the world. Can you see yourself doing that one day?

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oola ambassadors

Hello Future Oola Ambassador

It’s good to be first!  Become an Ambassador in a ground floor Network Marketing opportunity with a global brand, established leadership, a proven product and an industry leading compensation plan. This disruptive digital model ensures you are never out of stock, not repeatedly selling your family and friends, and receiving the highest compensation as you change lives for a living.

There are 7 ways to earn money as an Oola Ambassador:

• Daily pay to enrolled upon new subscriber’s initial purchase

• Enroller’s enrollee received bonus for each new subscriber’s initial purchase

• Monthly uni-level compensation paying 7 levels

• Monthly uni-level compensation paying infinitely deep at highest ranks

• Rank advancement bonuses

• Guaranteed monthly bonuses for maintaining rank qualifications

• Monthly commissions on sales to customers

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nicole energy

Hello Future Trailblazer

Curious about becoming an energy practitioner utilizing the Trailblazing Communication Whole Life System? Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions:

So, what exactly is it? TBC’s Life Navigation system is a digital system that helps bring you direction, answers, peace, and healthy changes in your health, wealth and relationships.

What is exactly included when I sign-up?
a) Pendulum
b) Pendant that is infused and protective from EMF’s and more
c) Access to a closed Facebook group with like-minded individuals
d) Live Coaching Calls for 5 weeks
a. Group Energy Clearings
b. Session Demos
c. Question and Answer opportunities
e) Subscription to the digital proprietary Trailblazing Whole Life System
f) Rewrite your Story Workbook & Guide
g) 24/7 Access to Training Videos

What do you need to get started?
You will need a digital tablet……most people use an iPad or something similar—remember this is not an app so additional storage is not needed. Kindle Fires do not work the best.

Who is it for?
This program is for people who want to access their personal life navigation system and live a healthier and happier more abundant life.

Who is it not for?
This program is not for people who want to sit back and let someone else do the work. Transformation takes commitment and if you’re not willing to make your transformation a priority, this not for you.

What results can I expect?
There are internal results that you can experience rapidly, such as clarity, confidence, peace and lightness of being!
What “external” results you produce, is up to YOU! When you let go of stress you will see less wrinkles and lines. When you let go of what is not serving you…you will have optimal health, wealth and positive relationships.
It’s a proven proprietary system. There is no risk, if you decide it is not for you, you can cancel at anytime. There is no time commitment for having your subscription, it is entirely up to you.

When does training start?
Nicole can let you know when the next training group is starting.

How long do I get access to everything?
The workbook, pendant and pendulum are yours to keep no matter what. You get access to the digital Life Navigation System and videos as long as you pay the monthly subscription fee of $150 per month. You can cancel at anytime.
Why would you want to cancel when you are not only improving all areas of your life, but also easing financial stress. We have an abundant partnering program that pays you for sharing this with others. Only 5 shares and you have no monthly payment. What?? Too good to be true? That’s what many think. We at Trailblazing Communications know that we are all better and stronger when we grow in all ways together so sharing the wealth only makes sense.

Is this only for a certain group of people?
No, this is for anyone looking for clarity and direction in their life and wants to have vibrant health, healthy relationships, and abundance in all areas.

Can my spouse/partner do this with me?
Yes, anyone in your household can join with you…

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