7 tips to a healthier, more focused, and more energetic you

Pursuing an exciting future takes focus and stamina. It requires energy to clean up the messes, make new plans, and pursue new paths. You’ll probably spend lots of mental energy moving outside your comfort zone, too—plus extra physical energy making the changes you want—so your body (and mind) needs to show up fully to support you in this effort. You’ll also want to be fit to enjoy your new life once you get there.

So what can you do? Work on your overall wellness—both physical and mental.

Whether you’re a couch potato or seasoned triathlete, the point is to choose more nutrient-rich foods, work out more effectively, and consume less “junk.” That means not only putting healthy food in your belly, but also putting healthy thoughts in your mind.

These tips will get you started on the path to a healthy lifestyle, more energy, and an inner mindset that can handle the overwhelm with ease.

  • Keep it simple. Gimmicks and quick fixes are not legitimate substitutes for common sense, good nutrition, and regular physical activity. Most people know the basics: eat less than you burn or burn more than you eat. It’s also common sense that getting adequate sleep and regular exercise not only improves your mood, it boosts your energy, enhances your confidence, and keeps your body goal-jeans ready. When you look good, you feel good—and that kind of sparkle is hard to resist.
  • Find out what’s toxic for you. Start an “elimination diet” and eat clean for three to six weeks. Originally designed to identify foods that may be causing allergic and digestive reactions, the Elimination Diet recommends consuming only healthy vegetables, fruits, and protein at first (i.e., eliminating the junk), and then reintroducing “problem foods” such as gluten, dairy, soy, refined sugar, caffeine and alcohol—one at a time—to see which are causing you problems like indigestion, skin flare-ups, insomnia, migraines, lack of focus, and more. A nice byproduct of this diet is the mental clarity and boost in energy the body delivers as it clears out the toxins and heals past inflammation.
  • Drink more water. Pretty simple, huh? But unlike bottled drinks, sodas, coffees, and other liquids, purified water helps hydrate your cells and clear out the toxins and debris your body is trying to get rid of on its path to wellness. As these toxins are eliminated, your body will need fewer and fewer fat cells to store the toxins away from vital organs.
  • Work harder. As our bodies adapt to exercise—and especially as we get older—it seems harder and harder to stay in shape. Metabolism slows and the same three miles you’ve been walking for years suddenly don’t deliver the same benefits as before. That’s why you have to continually up your game. Move a little faster, walk a little farther, and add a new activity like swimming, resistance training or hot yoga. Mix it up and your body will respond again.
  • Focus on your mental health. Depression, anxiety and other conditions can get in the way of an awesome life. While they can generally be helped by daily exercise, good nutrition, meditation and a healthier lifestyle, sometimes these conditions need to be addressed head on—by a professional—as part of your wellness journey.
  • Meditate. Daily meditation can help you get clear on what you should be doing in specific situations. New research says meditation also improves brain function, mood, creativity (and may even counteract loss of brain volume as we age). Hundreds of books and audio meditations exist to help you create a daily meditation habit.
  • Be consistent. In pursuing your goals, be consistent in your efforts and patient with yourself as you make progress. Don’t criticize yourself if you fall away from your plan. Just hop back on and restart. Be sure to plan some cheat days once in awhile to keep things real.

Of course, working on your health and fitness is only a part of the process of creating overall balance in your life. There’s also your finances, family, career, faith, friends and fun time to consider. The key is to decide what you want in these areas, make some goals, and stay accountable to taking action daily to bring about those goals. Working with a coach can help keep you on track and accountable for results. And I’m here to help.

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