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Life Long Learner - Life Long Teacher

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 “I live to be inspired, and to inspire”, and my favorite quote that guides my life is: “Do what you love in service of those who love what you do.”

Who’s Nicole

Nicole is a “go-giver” – she gets things done, and make things happen by helping others through creative thinking, sharing knowledge, generosity, and kindness.

She is a life-long-learner continuously working on a never ending research project. Her personal mission statement is: “I live to be inspired, and to inspire”, and her favorite quote that she lives by is “Do what you love in service of those who love what you do.”

Nicole has been a baseball, basketball & life coach, child protection social worker, college admissions counselor, director of a college honors in business leadership academy, radio station co-owner & personality, event emcee, roller derby announcer & so much more. She has undergraduate degrees in Human Services, Behavioral Science, Criminal Justice & Psychology as well as a Masters in Management. Her eclectic background combined with her mission to never stop learning, and desire to help people has proven to be very beneficial to those she works with.

Specialties: Networking, sales, marketing, customer service, speaking, leading, coaching, teaching, consulting, recruiting, mentoring. Making things HAPPEN!

Nicole’s Values & Beliefs


Trustworthy, Confident, Collaborative, Vibrant, Innovative, Strength, Love

What Nicole stands for:

She stands for those who need a stronger voice or for those who want to be reminded of what their voice sounds like. 

Dream Client:

Highly Motivated, Appreciative, Life Long Learner, Go-Giver, Driven

Nicole Morrison brings enthusiasm, commitment, and zest for learning to her role as teacher, mentor, and guide to the next generation of leaders. Everyone who has worked with Ms. Morrison is struck by her passion for service and her ability to think “outside the classroom” in order to motivate students to move from theory to practice. In celebratory style, she helps students recognize their gifts and models what it means to make the world a better place.

The Late Sister Thomas Welder

Former President, University of Mary

George Bernard Shaw wrote: ‘I am convinced that my life belongs to the whole community and as long as I live, it is my privilege to do for it, whatever I can; for the harder I work the more I live…’ Nicole Morrison lives these words.  She gives of herself – her time and her talents – to make this community a better place to live.  Her passion becomes even more evident when someone or some cause is in need.  Here, at the University of Mary, she gives 110% to her students.  Her focus is to  help those young people find themselves, their future and their passion.  That same 110% philosophy of service is given to her community.  Whether she is organizing the Make A Wish annual fund-raiser or helping launch a fledgling community wellness initiative like Activate Bismarck-Mandan, Nicole will find a way for the organization to reach its goal.  Her enthusiasm is infectious and others rally around the cause to help ensure success.  Certainly, this is the definition of a true “servant-leader.” Nicole Morrison is a life-long learner.  She grabs any opportunity to learn more so she can do more.  She is truly an inspiration for those of us fortunate to work with her or be her students.

Cheryl Kalberer

Former Director, University of Mary Harold Schafer, Emerging Leaders Academy

I have known Nicole Morrison in a variety of capacities for several years.  She has been my professor, mentor and friend.  Nicole is organized, efficient, extremely competent, and has an excellent rapport with people of all ages.  Her communication skills both written and verbal are exceptional.  I am continually impressed with her time management skills and her incredible ability to multi-task on a very high level.  In the classroom it is evident that her main purpose of working in the education sector is to help her students succeed.  Time and time again I watched Nicole go above and beyond her requirements as a professor to assist her students in finding real-life experiences that would help further them in both their personal and professional lives.

Molly Herrington

Director of Leadership & Learning, State of North Dakota/Former Student

Nicole Morrison has been a very important and transformational figure during the college years of my life. I knew that I loved business and felt that I could achieve whatever I set my mind to, but she was one of the individuals that truly encouraged me to push myself and believe in whatever passion I had. Now, some two years after graduating from the University of Mary and going into my third and final year of law school at Ave Maria School of Law, I still reflect upon the values and principles that were instilled in me and my peers while taking her courses and others as a student in the Harold Schafer Emerging Leadership Academy. From my Dream Board which I put together for one of her classes and still cherish to Nicole’s P.E.A.R.L. presentation which she gave to us on a beautiful spring afternoon in 2009, I have nothing but fond memories from my time as one of her students. Nicole lives to inspire and to be inspired, and I only hope that I can one day inspire her as much as she has inspired me during my short three years in Bismarck, ND.

Brendan Murphy

U-Mary Class of ‘09, Former Student

Nicole is one of the most driven individuals I have ever worked with. Whether it’s working with her charity organizations, like Make-A-Wish, or inspiring her college students at the leadership center, she strives to make a difference in all that she does. She is a go-getter with the “moxie” to get it done.

Scott Wild

Internet Strategy Consultant and Trivia Host at Wild Inspire Inc.

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole for several months as her immediate supervisor.  I would say I was thrilled with her performance.  What struck me most was her great attitude & willingness to do anything to help the team.  Nicole is one of those rare finds.  She is a dedicated employee always making the most of her time.  Her skills in communications/marketing are unmatched.  She is very outgoing and personable.  It would be difficult to find anyone that can match her abilities.  To anyone looking for great talent, attitude and a great team player, Nicole Morrison comes highly recommended.

Scott Tetley

Owner, Masters of Disasters

I have gotten to know Nicole Morrison through various local organizations; and I am fortunate to call her my colleague and friend.  She has a “hands-on” approach to life personally and professionally.  She has enthusiastically taken on and completed many challenging Business and Professional Women club committee projects.  Nicole has had a positive impact serving as an executive board member with various clubs.  She is a person with a vision to help groups achieve positive end results; thus guiding organizations to the next level.  Nicole excelled in an extremely difficult local, state and national Business and Professional Women’s Young Careerist Competition, placing second in the entire Nation.  I watched her enormous personal growth throughout this enduring competition.  She continues this affirmative growth spurt professionally and personally.  Nicole is a dynamic person with a contagious personality!

Elyse Puklich

Dealer, Stan Puklich Chevrolet

I have seen Nicole Morrison in action on multiple levels within the last fifteen+ years. I have witnessed her as an instructor, volunteer, leader, active community member and life motivator. Nicole’s strengths lie in people. She dedicates most of her energy to sincerely taking stock in the people that she meets. She has the ability to find strength among weakness and build an empire around the momentum to greet new levels of achievement within a short amount of time.

Stephanie Sandstrom

Social Media Rockstar/Former Student

Enthusiasm. Integrity. Passion.  These three words are the first things that come to mind when I think of Nicole Morrison. I first met Nicole when I was a senior in high school, from our very first conversation, she struck me as a leader.  I was lucky to have her as both a teacher and an advisor during my undergraduate years at the University of Mary.  During this time, she encouraged me to branch out, try new things, and to learn more about myself.  She inspired in me a sense of hard-work that has led me to take on challenges face first.  Throughout the time that I have known Nicole, she has always been excited to try anything that comes her way.  She is an outstanding individual who brings out the best in everyone she encounters.

Kelle (Bacon) Sorber

Owner/CEO Hermes Helpers/Attorney at Law/Former Student

I must say that it was a distinct pleasure to work alongside Nicole, who happens to be a 20+ year volunteer leader of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of North Dakota both as an active volunteer and board member. Nicole has been instrumental in recruiting and empowering new volunteers, increasing awareness of the Make-A-Wish mission through public speaking and marketing, and securing financial gifts from individuals, groups and businesses throughout the state.  I admire her perseverance and creativity in working with wish children, staff, volunteers, media professionals and all other constituents. Her professionalism and positive attitude always prevail. She is very knowledgeable in all areas of non-profit organizations, from developing and maintaining relationships with all “customers” to fundraising and financial development, to strategic planning and fiscal and human resource management, to program development and oversight.

Sharon Mazaheri

Former President/CEO , ND Make-A-Wish Foundation

Nicole is one of the most inspirational leaders of our generation. She is full of excitement, dedication, passion, and love for what she does. Nicole is what we would call “The Perfect Leader” as she knows how to inspire others to do their best and have fun doing it! Nicole is still one of my most admired mentors and continues to help me grow and aspire to be something great. She is full of advice and expects hard work, determination, and a love for teamwork out of everyone she encounters. Nicole is a wonderful person with a big heart and love for business!

Lauren (Meiers) Dowling

Marketing Professional/Former Student

“I met Nicole when she was helping high schoolers understand business and find their passion. She joined my Offbeat Online newsletter readership to learn more interactive techniques for reaching those learners. Nicole is a focused and dedicated educator. She understands the connection between fun and facts and strives to make learning an enjoyable activity. She is a true learning professional.”

Lenn Millbower

Disney Speaker | Innovation Expert | Presentation Skills Trainer, Coach, Consultant | Engaging Redesigns & Team Events

Nicole is an optimistic individual who exemplifies numerous characteristics that make her a commendable leader to myself, the other students in the Academy, and others throughout the region.  She lives her life to serve others and is always looking for new opportunities to grow as a role model for her friends, family, and students.  Nicole demonstrates positive ethics in her everyday life as a successful business woman in our society.


Mark Hardy

Former Student, Harold Schafer Emerging Leaders Academy for Business

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